Discover how you can get more butts in seats and make a bigger impact with Direct-Response Copywriting

Gael Reignier

Advertising Copywriting, the secret weapon of conversion

If you are a public speaker or you are managing an event and you want to get more butts in seats, what follows is for you.  

Because standing in front of an empty room is not fun...

First, let’s talk about “butts”

These “butts” can be real or virtual. It can be butts for an event, a challenge, a webinar, or even a virtual summit. In other words, these "butts" represent participants.  

My name is Gaël and you can call me the “butts in seats” copywriter.  

When I looked at all the factors that influence the registration AND attendance of an event, I discovered the 3 factors that make the most impact.  

To get people at your event, you need:

  • To have an intimate understanding of your audience
  • To have the right content, that Influences and Persuades
  • To have the right content delivery  

Imagine you have a 3-legged stool with a missing leg. Would you sit on it? Probably not because you might fall off and hurt yourself.

The same applies for your business if any of these 3 factors is missing, it’s GAME OVER. => Less butts in seats (sad face)  

Let me reveal what I mean by ...  

Having an intimate knowledge of your audience

In other words it is the client research. It is absolutely vital to have the right audience. You must understand who they are, you must understand their psychology, you must understand how aware they are of you and your event, you must understand who else offers similar events and services.  

If you don’t do it ...

You won’t attract your ideal client... You will pay more to convert them... AND They will be less likely to buy from you.  

Trust me, NO Public Speaker wants that to happen.  

Having the right content, that Influences and Persuades 

This is Content Creation. This is your copy: 

  • FB ads tht leads the reader to go to your ...
  • Landing page / Squeeze page that attracts and captures new subscribers who enter your ...
  • Email campaigns that nurture your new subscribers and lead them to your ...
  • Sales Letter or Eventrbrite or (Video Sales Letter) that converts leads into attendees

The copy will Inspire, Influence and Persuade the reader to take action to come to your event.  

If you don’t do it ...

You will damage your brand at 2 levels:

Short term you will miss out on a sales as less people will come to your event Long term because people are less likely to visit your page again.  

This is a dreadful prospect for any serious business.  

Having The Right Delivery 

This is Content Delivery. This is about delivering the content at the right time. These are the Strategy And Tools.  

You have to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and ensure that they commit to you before coming to your event.

If you don’t do it ...

You miss out on the opportunity to sell tickets. If the message is wrong, you will damage your brand. If the timing is incorrect then you won’t have the expected impact.  

Bottom line is: fewer people will come to your event.  

Having discovered these 3 main factors to get "butts in seats" and their impact , I created a methodology. The methodology is grounded in Direct Marketing, it addesses these 3 factors.  

Discover my unique R.C.D methodology

Research: The 4 Pillars of Growth

In-depth Market Research is the cornerstoner to writing copy that converts and to business success. 


If you don't precisely know who you are selling to, then your message will be vague and your marketing won't have the necessary impact. Know your customers and you will connect deeply with them to inspire, influence and persuade them to come to your events. 

Using The 4 Pillars of Growth, we will gain an intimate understanding of your client avatar, market and competitors. Leading you to successful campaigns.

Content Creation: R.O.C.H.E Methodology

Once the research is done, I will write the copy with a Direct-Response focus. That is: For them to take action.

What I mean by taking action is for people to click on your ads, join your mailing lists, open your emails, click in your emails, join your events and buy your products or services.

For this, I use my "secret sauce" writing methodology called R.O.C.H.E combined with persuasion formulas.

Content Delivery: Brand Partner

I will work as a Brand Partner with you. We are in this TOGETHER. It means that I will review with you the best way to engage with your audience to ensure you get great results.

I build strong relationships with my clients to ensure their success. It is key to my business model as I always look for referrals. 

SERVICES: How can I serve you?

I use this 3-step methodology to write high converting copy that includes

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook video ads
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Sales letters (Eventbrite pages)
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinars
  • Webinar registration sequences
  • And much more


By working together and using the R.C.D methodology, you will get 4 main benefits:  

  • Direct-Response copywriting will put money in your bank account. The copy becomes a business asset. 
  • I focus on getting "butts in seats" for Public Speakers and events, so I understand you and we can quickly work together. 
  • I am a Brand Partner, so we work hand in hand during our projects. I am here for you. 
  • Leading Edge Expertise: I continuously develop my skills, your business experiences what works best.

You can see below some testimonials I received from my clients.


I pride myself in delivering great work and great results for my clients. This is what they say.

Shazz Bhunnoo, CEO of Spaces

Sylvia Baldock, Professional Public Speaker

Sylvia Baldock, Professional Speaker ✰ Trainer ✰ Coach ✰ Mentor ✰ Author

Working with Gaël was a real pleasure. He very quickly ascertained what I needed help with and what my objectives were and worked speedily and professionally to meet my every tight deadline. He set up a text messaging system that I could use during a speaking Gig which generated 30 new contacts on my database and newsletter list out of the 55 attendees. Despite having a very busy week and running a new event himself, Gael kept in touch every step of the way and made sure my set up was seamless and fully functioning. I thoroughly recommend Gael if you want to generate new business leads and have the support of a talented professional on your journey to greater success.

Rupert Morris

RUPERT MORRIS, Chairman of Clarity, The Writing Experts

Gaël Reignier is a wonderfully enthusiastic and committed person. If he takes an interest in a business project, he will follow through and do his utmost to ensure that the project is successful. In just two months, he has helped give my business a new focus and discipline. He understands marketing, and relies on common sense rather than fashionable pseudo-science. He is 100% reliable, and always a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Aziosmanoff

KEVIN AZIOSMANOFF, Founder of Athletic-Fit  

In August 2016, I launched an online programme in Fitness.  

After my orchestrated launch, Jeff Walker style, where I sold around 18 programmes per month for 2 months, I was making 5 sales per month.  

This was a big problem as I left my job and needed the money to live.  

I needed sales. This is when I hired a direct-response copywriter: Gaël  

We reviewed 3 things.  

  • My copy 
  • My funnel 
  • My offering  

3 months after working together, these are my results:  

  • I sold 30 programmes in just 1 month (my biggest month to date!) 
  • I have 4 products to sell instead of 1, so I get more revenue PER CLIENT  
  • I have tripwire and upsell offers  

I have a 3x ROI and it is just the beginning: I will use his work for months.  

How is it work with Gaël? Great. Gaël exceeded my expectation. In addition to the copy, we had no-nonsense discussion about how to create multiple streams of income with my programmes.  

Allowing me to be financially independent on my way to be financially free.  

  • He delivers on time. 
  • He is friendly and happy to help (he even made personalised videos to help me) 
  • He is always positive  

So much so that I will work with him again. 

Al Cuko

ALEXANDRE CUKOVIC, Founder of “Osez Manger”

My name is Alexandre, I am 30 year old and I am French. 

This is a short testimonial for the work Gaël did for me. 

I was looking to write a sales letter and more specifically at identifying my target audience. 

Thanks to your work, your help and especially your very relevant questions, I discovered the answers to better identify my target market and have a very clear strategy for my business. 

Today, thanks to your sales letter, my conversion rate increased and your consulting allowed me to have a very clear strategy in place. 

Without your work, I could have spent a very long time to identify some vital aspects of the strategy for my business. 

About Gaël

Born to Sell

From the time I was born, I have been in a sales environment. My parents were sales pro. They made a little fortune selling Burlington socks. It was tough though. From Monday to Friday they went from shop to shop to convince the onwer to stock socks with losange patterns.

Getting into selling and writing

When my dad got 3 shops in the city where we lived and I was used to go and "help my daddy" on a regular basis. Aged 14, I sold my first suit to an adult, it was amazing and ... very natural. I was just helping "daddy". I loved the thrill of selling! 

Greeting -> Building a Relationship -> Giving the client what he wants -> Enticing him for this extra belt and hat (read upsell / cross-sell) -> Check Out -> Getting their details to get in touch. 

How interesting it is that today, the EXACT same principles apply online. Same sequence of event (in a slightly different order and timing though).

Later on that year, I wrote some leaflets used by the entire shop association he was part of.

This is how I got into selling and writing.

Building relationships in IT

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, sitting in IT classes.

For 10 years, I worked in IT, from launching satellites to consulting for high tech companies. Relationship was everything. I spent these last 4 years working for one of the greatest Service company in the world: Rackspace. I sent over 20,000 emails to build relationships and influence decision makers. As a results, we ahieved world class NPS results. (NPS is the world most recognised satisfaction survey.)

Big Events

Meanwhile, I discovered 2 passions, Public Speaking and Stand up Comedy. I did 1 stand up show and several talks at Toastmaster. But the really cool thing was when I was organising Video Game events with 300 participants when I was at Uni. We had people driving all day and night to join the party :-) That was a BIG event  

It all comes together

I started my business in 2015, offering email marketing and funnels. As I learnt to market my services, I loved it. With my deep-seated business acumen, I was helping my client beyond the "call of duty". Later on, I took several direct-response copywriting classes.  

It all came back to me. At first, I was helping different types of businesses but I finally focused on getting "butts in seats". 

Today I combine my skills and passion to help Speakers get "butts in seats".  

And so I went ahead and got some clients.

Beloved Clients

Public Speakers  

  • Sylvia Baldock (Topic: Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant)
  • André Dan (Topic: Social Media) 
  • Moctar Adeleke (Topic: Personal Development) 
  • David Gantois (Topic: Personal Development)
  • Severine Menem (Topic: Nutrition) 

Online programmes and info-products  

  • Forme Athletique (Health and Fitness) 
  • Al Cukovic (Health and Fitness) 
  • Belle en Bikini (Health and Fitness)
  • Superhote (Real estate)  


  • Spaces Urban Living (Audience: Investors) 
  • AAA Inspection  

Business services  

  • Format Design London – Graphic Design for Construction Industry
  • Clarity – Copywriting education 
  • Law Essentials – Law  
  • IT Logix – IT  
  • E-Synergy – Recruitment  
  • La Ferme Aux Insectes - E-commerce

Discover new marketing strategies at our Tuesday events

Once a month, I held an event to help Public Speakers to:

  • Get more bums on seat 
  • Sell more programmes

I share Direct Marketing strategies that I created, tested and refined.


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  • Tuesday 18 July: The R.O.C.H.E methodology 

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